Rental conditions

Reservation contract

The rental referred to in this document is valid solely as temporary rental for non-commercial purposes. The premises can only be used as a secondary residence. The tenant may not undertake any commercial or professional activity on the premises.

The confirmation process of a reservation involves the tenant signing and returning the contract to WD properties. This document must be accompanied by a 50% advance payment as mentioned in the contract. This payment can be made in cash, by certified banker’s check, travelers’ check, bank transfer or credit card.

Payment Process

The tenant makes an advance payment of 50% of the rent upon signature of the order document. The tenant pays the remainder of the funds due, i.e. 50% of the rental and the deposit amount according to the property (this will not be cashed) 1 month before arrival.
The payment must be made in cash, travelers’ checks, bank transfer or by credit card.

Payment Schedule

The remainder of the rent must be paid according to the agreed terms: either 1 month before arrival at the latest or, for stays of more than 3 months, on the first day of the month at the latest. The keys to the property can only be handed over if the stay is already paid for in its entirety.

If payment of the rent is delayed by more than 5 days, a late payment penalty will be applied. In this event, WD properties reserves the right to apply a 10% late payment penalty for the fees incurred or to cancel the reservation altogether.

Payment Remainder and Deposit

The deposit will not gain any interest and can in no way be considered as payment of the rental. It will be returned to the tenant after the deduction of any funds necessary for repairs to the rental premises subsequent to the tenant’s stay. The return of the sums due will take place during the month following the rental and, in accordance with the Décret Exécutif Français of 8th January 1993, no later than two months following the end of the rental period.

Our Bank

HSBC France


IBAN: FR76-3005-6000-6600-6600-7548-104

Payment by credit card

Bank fees will be applicable for payments by credit card.
All bank fees are payable by the tenant.

Visa and Mastercard: 0.75% for the EEC, 1.50% for the rest of the world
American Express: 2.95%
Exchange rates applied will be those valid on the day of transaction.

Rental prices

The rental prices are in euros. All payment will be made in euros.
Any exchange fees are payable by the tenant.

The rental price includes:

  • The rental of the premises for the agreed period
  • A personalized welcome service
  • A bottle of wine on arrival*
  • Bed linen and bathroom towels
  • A guide book with local recommendations
  • A bilingual English/French concierge service* 7 days a week between 9am and 7pm.
  • Reception of documents for your attention at our agency (e.g. faxes, etc.)
  • Free unlimited phone calls to Europe, USA and Canada.
  • WIFI Internet
  • The day of your arrival we will present you with the keys to your rental accommodation.

For your personal comfort, we also offer the following additional services:

  • Rental of a cot: 80 € per stay*
  • Accommodation cleaning: 25€ (incl. tax) per hour during the week and Saturdays. 33€ (incl. tax) per hour Sundays and public holidays and for any request for less than 24 hours.*
  • Dry cleaning: WD properties can offer a dry cleaning service. Your items will be picked up from your apartment and washed and ironed and the fees will be charged to you. *
  • Airport transfers (ask for prices)
  • Any additional products or services ordered (show tickets, driver, etc.) will be invoiced separately to the customer.*

*Only available for those apartments in Paris. The villas offer specific services (see details sheet).

Apartment Cleaning

Our apartments are cleaned for the arrival of the tenant. You will be asked to keep the apartment tidy and to leave it in a suitable state at the end of your stay.

The Concierge service*:

The bilingual French/English concierge service is available 7 days a week from 9pm to 7pm. The tenant may obtain information on his/her rental contract and regarding the following services:

  • Car with driver
  • Home catering
  • Extra cleaning
  • Babysitting
  • Chef at home
  • French lessons
  • Massage and yoga at home or at another location
  • Tourist information
  • Reservations (restaurants, theater, shows, sporting activities...)

All services leading to an order will be invoiced to the tenant.

*Only available for those apartments in Paris. The villas offer specific services (see details sheet).

Welcome and inventory on departure

Customer Welcome:

The tenant is free to choose his/her arrival date and time.

The tenant must inform WD properties at least one week beforehand of the exact date and time of arrival. He/she will be welcomed at the apartment and we will provide the keys and a tour of the property. The apartment or villa is normally available from 3pm onwards. If the premises are available before this time, the tenant may arrive at the apartment at 10am. WD properties can look after your luggage before you enter the apartment in Paris.

WD properties can have a car and driver available for you on arrival if necessary.

Inventory on departure:

On weekdays, the inventory takes place before 10am. The premises must be vacated on the date and at the time indicated in the contract.
You must call the agency 2 days before your departure to agree on the time of the inventory – by default this will be at 10am.

Cancellation or reduction of the rental period by the tenant

The amount paid in advance by the tenant for the reservation of the apartment must considered as a « deposit » - the tenant can retract his/her commitment to the rental under the following conditions:

  • If the cancellation is less than a month before the beginning of the rental period, in which case the tenant remains liable for the payment of the rental in its entirety.
  • If the cancellation is made more than a month before the beginning of the rental period.
  • If the cancellation is made more than three months before the beginning of the rental period, WD properties will return all of the deposit if the premises are rented out to another customer for the same period. Should this not be the case, WD properties will retain 20% of the deposit for the administrative fees incurred.
  • If the tenant should reduce the length of the rental period, the tenant remains liable for the rental amount of the original period in its entirety.

WD properties advises its tenants to take out cancellation insurance with an insurer of your choice.

Cancellation by WD properties

For reasons of force majeure (damage, building work, work in close proximity, owner request), WD properties reserves the right to:

  • Propose an apartment of equivalent value, the tenant can refuse and will be reimbursed in full for any funds paid.
  • Propose an alternative apartment with a new price, the tenant can refuse and will be reimbursed in full for any funds paid.

Inventory of furniture and fixtures

The detailed inventory of furniture and fixtures must be established between the two parties. They will be sent at the same time as the contact. The tenant has three days to contest the inventory if necessary at the time of arrival or of departure. If the inventory is not carried out, the tenant is presumed to have received the rental accommodation in accordance with the inventory and must leave it in the same state unless proved otherwise.

Electrical equipment

The tenant is not responsible for any electrical faults that may occur during his/her stay. WD properties is duty bound to make any necessary repairs to faulty electrical equipment. The tenant must immediately notify of any fault.


WD properties will enforce any restrictions imposed by the property owner. These restrictions will be indicated in the rental contract:

  • Domestic animals are not authorized in certain rental accommodation. If permitted, it is under the specific understanding that their presence in the property cause neither damage to property, nor any inconvenience to neighbors.
  • Most apartments are non-smoking – penalties may be applied on departure should this rule not be respected.
  • Respect the maximum number of persons mentioned in the contract.
  • Some of the apartments and villas have fireplaces. It is strictly forbidden to make a fire.


The tenant must be covered by his/her own insurance or that of a travel agency for the duration of their stay. WD properties is not responsible for damages caused by negligence on the part of the tenant.

Any tenant implicated in damage that affects the agency, the owner or the apartment, and for which he/she is responsible, accepts the liability for any costs incurred.

The owner and WD properties offer secure properties and are not held responsible for any theft or infraction that may occur during the length of your stay.

The tenant accepts that the agency and the owner can only be held responsible up to the total financial value of the sums paid by the tenant in the scope of the contract.

Any claim must be settled between the two parties within six months, except for matters regarding negligence or non-payment of rental, the period for which is one year.

WD properties and the tenant:

From the moment the customer enters into contact with WD properties, it is prohibited for him/her to attempt to pay the rental fees directly to the property owner. It is also prohibited for the customer to rent the property on any subsequent occasion directly from the owner if the initial rental has been made via the agency. The contract will be established with the agency and the customer must pay WD properties directly.

Owners personal properties

Certain apartments are occasionally occupied by their owners. The owner may therefore have some of his personal possessions in the apartment. It is compulsory that these items be treated with respect.

The owner is prohibited from adding any furniture or furnishings, other than bed linen and various small items, and from moving furniture or changing the layout of the premises, unless specifically agreed with WD properties.

External events

We will do everything possible to satisfy the needs of our customers. However, we are not responsible for situations that may affect the apartment or its rooms or for delays on arrival, such as strikes or any other circumstances beyond our control.

WD properties Confidentiality

In order to protect the private life of our tenants, WD properties undertakes to never publish the name, address or bank information of our customers. All banking information is stored on our secure server.