Information about WD properties:

How is the WD properties company structured? THE WD properties COMPANY was created in 2003 and is based in Paris. We are specialists in high-quality personal services and luxury apartment management. The company is made up of two different complementary entities:

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WD properties’ objective is to offer high quality apartments and villas for sale and rental in France. WD properties* offer you exclusive services during your stay.

*Only available for apartments in Paris. The villas offer specific services (see details sheet).

Who is the director of WD properties?

Fabrice LOBET, manager of WD properties, was born in Paris and graduated from the Paris Institut Supérieur de Gestion in 1996. Fabrice previously worked in advertising and has been in the property business for three years. He has lived in Paris and London. The WD properties team is bilingual English and French.

Fabrice LOBET
Manager of WD properties

Why choose WD properties?

Our objective is to create a relationship based on mutual trust with our property owners and tenants.
We place emphasis on quality of service and a personal relationship rather than a high volume of business that quickly becomes impersonal.

Furthermore, in full compliance with French legislation, we have obtained all the permits and documentation necessary for a real estate agency:socaf_caution_mutuelle.gif

  • Professional property management permit: G5487
  • Professional transaction permit: T12857
  • Financial management guarantee: 100 000€
  • Financial transaction guarantee: 30 000€